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The Coalition is a not-for-profit organization whose continuing mission is to assist consumers, with a particular emphasis on vulnerable populations, in understanding and improving their ability to manage their financial affairs. The Coalition brings together multiple constituencies interested in consumers’ financial competence, consumer finance, predatory lending, foreclosure prevention and the bankruptcy system. The Coalition is committed to the evaluation of the effectiveness of financial management programs and to the study of key issues affecting the consumer in the financial marketplace.

In furtherance of its Mission, the Coalition performs the following:

  • Develops, test, studies, refines, and set standards for curricula on financial management for use in consumer financial management education
  • Assures that meaningful financial management education and teacher training for financial literacy educators are offered in a high quality, effective and low cost manner
  • Reviews available curricula and other material on a regular basis and recommends revisions to reflect the changing needs of vulnerable populations and new characteristics of the financial environment
  • Partners with other organizations, both public and private, to provide programs and other assistance related to financial literacy, consumer finance and bankruptcy relief
  • Acts as an advocacy group for financial literacy and competence
  • Maintains a website which the public can access for information about Coalition programs