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Volunteer Information

If you are interested in volunteering with the Coalition, we have opportunities available in and around New York City. You will be invited to attend a one-day training session, in which participation based learning will assure engagement and livelihood. The program will focus on:

I. The psychology of money

II. Credit usage, scoring, and debt collection

III. Wealth building information and strategies

IV. Pedagogical and counseling strategies, including opportunities to practice teaching

****Materials and handouts will be made available for use at the training sessions.

****Following the training, participants are asked to implement what they have learned to lead a class they have organized on their own or have been assigned to teach by the Coalition.

Call (212)636-7752 for more information.



As an independent non-profit, we fund-raise in order to support our financial education classes.  Your contribution will help teens, young adults, people re-entering the workforce, and seniors.  Among other topics, our classes mainly address goal-setting, saving and budgeting, using credit wisely, managing and rescuing debt, and protecting against identity theft.  We greatly appreciate any donations. Thank You!