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EACH PROFESSION has a set of aptitudes and attitudes that makes it distinct from every other vocation.  What sets you apart as a professional is how and why you choose to use them.  The combination of intellect, skill and aspiration that you bring to bear on the world around you, expressed in every challenge you take, case you make, and cause you champion, will mark you as a professional.

Done right, it can turn your career choice into a calling. Fordham Law School's commitment to educating the complete lawyer can help you achieve this ideal and become the best kind of legal professional.  Fordham's belief that the complete lawyer needs to develop analytical rigor, the highest skill at the craft of lawyering, and a deep understanding of and commitment to the values that give meaning to our lives and to our profession sets it apart as a legal education institution.  It will do the same for you as an individual attorney.

For so many, a clinical experience is one key to that development.  Under the supervision of faculty members who are experts in their practice areas and deeply experienced clinical teachers, you will continue the process of developing into your unique version of the superb lawyer waiting inside of you.

Prof. Ian Weinstein
Associate Dean for
Clinical and Experiential
Programs, Professor of Law