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Prof. Paul Radvany, Clinical Associate Professor of Law,
Securities Litigation & Arbitration Clinicspeaks about his role in the Fordham Law Clinic.      

Watch the Dan Rather Video:   If you would like to get a better sense of the clinic’s work, you can watch this video of a recent report by Dan Rather -- click here.

 BECAUSE "BUY LOW AND SELL HIGH" is not enough information in today's financial markets, many investors turn to professionals to manage their money. But when profits evaporate and their initial investment erodes, many small, often first-time, investors begin to suspect that there is more to the story. Enter Fordham's Securities Litigation & Arbitration Clinic, a pioneer in New York City, the world's financial capital.

The clinic provides legal services to small investors who typically have claims against their brokers for engaging in unsuitable investment practices, churning, unauthorized trading and material misrepresentation, or poor execution. For many of these hardworking investors, the money at issue represents their life savings.

Students in the clinic have the opportunity to learn all of the necessary skills needed to represent clients in litigation.  Thus, student-attorneys participate in all phases of the litigation — from the initial client interview to advocating at arbitrations, by making opening statements and closing arguments, and by conducting direct and cross-examinations of witnesses.  Student-attorneys also analyze the facts, negotiate directly with opposing attorneys, communicate with the arbitrators orally and in writing and draft various legal documents and briefs.