International Human Rights Photos


Prof. Chi Mgbako
Clinical Associate Professor of Law,
Director, Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic

THROUGH REAL-WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYERING EXPERIENCES, the Walter Leitner International Human Rights Clinic trains Fordham Law School students to be strategic, reflective, and creative social justice advocates. The Clinic works in partnership with grassroots justice organizations on human rights projects focused on the sexual health and rights of marginalized populations and access to justice. The Clinic employs a range of advocacy methods including legal and policy analysis, human rights trainings, public interest lawsuits, submissions before human rights bodies, and direct legal assistance.



- Malawi Mobile Legal Aid Clinics (in partnership with the Center for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance): Mobile legal aid clinics in three villages in rural Malawi providing over 100 individuals with legal assistance in cases involving witchcraft accusations, property grabbing, domestic violence, and child maintenance.

- Police Abuse of Vulnerable Communities in New York City (in partnership with the Police Reform Organizing Project): Policy report on NYPD abuse and harassment of black and Latino communities, Muslim-American communities, sex workers, LGBT youth of color, street vendors, and homeless people.

- Protest and Assembly Rights Project - Occupy Wall Street: Co-authored report cataloguing widespread rights violations by the police against Occupy Wall Street protestors.

- Malawi Prisoners' Rights Projects (in partnership with the Center for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance): Submission of individual claims on behalf of Malawian prisoners to the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention in the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

- Malawi Anti-Torture Training (in partnership with the Center for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance): Anti-Torture training for Malawian police officers and prison officials.

- Malawi Right to Timely Trial Project (in partnership with the Center for Human Rights Education Advice and Assistance): International and comparative constitutional law research for public interest lawsuit on the right to trial within a reasonable time.

- Liberia Access to Justice Project (in partnership with the Carter Center and the Justice and Peace Commission): Drafted 200-page handbook to assist Cater Center and JC in improving the design of their community-based paralegal program in rural Liberia.


- South Africa Sex Workers' Rights Project (in partnership with the Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce): Policy reports regarding the human and constitutional rights of South African sex workers submitted to the South African parliament as part of the sex worker-led national campaign to decriminalize sex work in South Africa.

- Sierra Leone Female Genital Mutilation Project (in partner with the Center for Safe Motherhood Youth and Child Outreach): Human rights anti-FGM workshops in seven schools for hundreds of students in northern Sierra Leone.

- Lebanon Transgender Rights Project (in partnership with Helem): Internal needs assessment report outlining employment discrimination faced by the Lebanese transgender community.

- U.S. Foreign Policy and Access to Safe Abortions in Ethiopia Project (in partnership with Addis Adaba Law School): Report analyzing the adverse effects of U.S. foreign aid restrictions on Ethiopian women's access to safe abortion services.

- India Sex Workers' Rights Project (in partnership with SANGRAM/VAMP): Policy document laying out alternative guidelines for HIV/AIDS interventions programs for sex workers rooted in a rights-based and justice-based approach.

- Native American Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Product (in partnership with the ACLU of South Dakota): On site surveys of women of American Indian reservations in South Dakota to assess the quality of reproductive healthcare being provided by the government-run Indian Health Services for use in ACLU lawsuit.

- Malawi LGBT Rights and Sex Workers' Rights Project (in partnership with the Center for Development of People): International and comparative law research for a public interest lawsuit challenging the mandatory HIV/AIDS testing of sex workers in Malawi and advocacy challenging Malawi's anti-homosexuality laws.

- Malawi Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Training Workshops (in partnership with the Coalition of Women living with HIV/AIDS): Human rights training workshops for over 200 HIV-positive Malawian women.

- Zimbabwe Sex Worker Rights Project (in partnership with the Sexual Rights Centre): Policy paper on the decriminalization of sex work in Zimbabwe. Comparative memo on models of sex worker legal empowerment.

- LGBT Refugees in South Africa Project (in partnership with PASSOP): Report documenting employment and housing discrimination against LGBT refugees in South Africa.