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Requirements for Supervising Attorneys

Supervising Attorneys are responsible for:

  • Supervising student externs on a consistent basis and should be accessible to the Externship Program’s Faculty Director.
  • Working with student externs to develop their Statement of Goals, a document that sets forth goals and responsibilities.
  • Offering student externs a variety of assignments to help them develop identified skills.
  • Providing opportunities, whenever possible and appropriate, for student externs to perform the same legal tasks as the Supervising Attorney, i.e., to work with clients as well as appear before courts and/or administrative bodies.
  • Meeting formally with student externs at least twice during each semester to evaluate the students' work product and informally on a more frequent basis.
  • Observing and providing meaningful feedback (both written and oral).
  • Providing written evaluations to the Externship Program (at the conclusion of the semester).

Supervising Attorneys agree to not bill any clients for the work performed by student externs or to request reimbursement of attorney’s fees for such work (even in connection with an otherwise fee-generating matter).

Details regarding the expectations of the Externship Program for all Supervising Attorneys will be found in the Handbook for Supervising Attorneys.  Students should read this Handbook in addition to the Student Handbook, and are required to provide a copy to their Supervising Attorney at the start of their fieldwork.