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Appellate Litigation

Prof. Ian Weinstein

Associate Dean for Clinical  & Experiential Programs, Professor of Law

SOLVING  LEGAL PROBLEMS IN THE REAL WORLD challenges your logical intelligence, but it also challenges your interpersonal intelligence. Interviewing your client, you integrate all you have learned to ask the right questions in the right form, take the conversation in the right direction, and accomplish all you need to get the job done.  All the while you are responding to the many strong feelings a legal problem conjures up in an appropriate, professional way. It's a complex task that looks easy when it is well done and your clinic training helps you make it look quite natural.
In the Appellate Litigation Clinic, you'll learn the craft of lawyering. Whether it's interviewing a client or drafting a brief for a case on appeal, you'll be advocating for your clients on every level.  In this clinic, you may be working on matters in federal courts as well as state courts, criminal matters or civil matters.
Defending the accused and powerless, under the supervision of faculty committed to reflective lawyering, leads students to critical analysis in a way that taking the side of the powerful, or even the clearly and always righteous, does not.  Whatever they may think at the start of the clinic semester, most students leave with a deepened respect for the law and its very real limits.
                                         -- Ian Weinstein

Evening Session students will be given preference
for the Appellate Litigation Clinic.