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Please review the following information prior to submitting your Clinic Application.

Who may apply for a Clinic?

Second and third year law students, who have completed at least two semesters of law school as full-time students or a minimum of 30 credits as part-time evening students, are eligible to participate in the Clinical Program.  LL.M. students in their second semester of study may also be eligible.

Can I get into a Clinic if I have not been interviewed or attended a group meeting with the professor?
Most clinics require an interview and or a group meeting with the professor in order for an applicant to be considered.

Are the clinic seminar and casework graded?

Yes, all clinic interns receive a letter grade for their seminar and a letter grade for their case work.  Grades are based on classroom participation, general case work and professional development in case and class work.    

Does every applicant get into a clinic?

Unfortunately, no. Clinic enrollment is limited.  Our policy is to give a preference to those who will be third year day students, fourth year evening students and students who have not taken a clinic.  We strongly encourage students who were previously closed out of a clinic to re-apply the following semester.

How do I register for a clinic?

Registration for a clinic is conditioned upon acceptance into a clinic.  Once you have accepted an offer to join a clinic, clinic staff will notify the Registrar who will pre-register all accepted students. 

Can I take more than one clinic?

Due to demand, it is possible, yet highly unlikely.

Are there pre-requisites for enrollment?

Please visit the Spring 2015 Clinic Offerings page to review each individual clinic's pre-/co-requisites and recommended courses.  Almost all clinics require Fundamental Lawyering Skills.  (LL.M. students may seek a waiver of prerequisite if they feel they may be eligible for a clinic notwithstanding Fundamental Lawyering Skills.) 

May I do an externship for credit and also enroll in a clinic?

No. Students may not register for externships in any semester for which they have accepted offers from five-credit in-house clinics.  The Mediation Clinic is the only clinic in which a student may participate while doing an externship for credit. 

How many hours per week do students work in their clinic?

Generally, students are expected to spend approximately 12 to 15 hours per week on case related work, which is separate from classwork.  Often, clinics require more hours.

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