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The Queens DA Prosecution Clinic

Prof. Kevin M. Duddy
Member, Fordham Law Adjunct Faculty
Director of Trial Advocacy, Queens District Attorney's Office


Prof. Jennifer L. Naiburg
Member, Fordham Law Adjunct Faculty
Associate Director of Trial Advocacy, Queens District Attorney's Office


Pretty Much Every Day in the Queens DA Prosecution Clinic.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendment questions are posed in almost all cases in this clinic. You will determine whether evidence is sufficient to accuse a person of a crime, argue whether the bail is reasonable and whether evidence collected by the police is admissible at trial or was taken in violation of the prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.  As a legal intern, you will work with police officers, interview victims and witnesses, determine charges, draft accusatory instruments, and represent the People of the State of New York in the New York City Criminal Court at every stage of a criminal prosecution.

In this clinic, you work in the Queens County District Attorney’s Office, under the aegis of Richard A. Brown, the District Attorney, and handle the office's prosecutorial caseload from inception through trial and sentence. You will be directly supervised by the District Attorney’s Director of Training and Fordham Law alum, Kevin Duddy '85, and the Deputy Director of Training, Jennifer Naiburg.

During the semester, you will experience the unique role of the prosecutor as advocate and impartial public servant sworn to pursue justice. Both the class work and fieldwork components will stress a detail oriented approach to each case with a special emphasis on the unique ethical obligations of the prosecuting attorney. You will experience firsthand the impact of the criminal justice system has on all its stakeholders -- the victims, the accused, the witnesses, the police, and the public.

Along with your supervising attorneys, you will develop case theory, conduct motion practice and pre-trial hearings, visit crime scenes, negotiate plea agreements, prepare evidence, and potentially move cases to trial.

If you are considering a career as either a prosecutor or a criminal defense attorney, the experience you’ll gain in this clinic will be priceless. Due to restrictions imposed by the Appellate Division of the NY State Supreme Court, eligibility for this clinic is limited to Third year and Fourth year law students.