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CLIP-ings: July 25, 2014

Internet Governance
Free Or Not? Google will stop labeling apps that enable in-app purchases as “free” after the European Commission criticized the practice for misleading consumers – especially children – who then liberally use the apps without realizing they are making purchases.


Email Privileges? Brooklyn prosecutors are reading emails sent by inmates to their lawyers; the practice possibly oversteps attorney-client privilege and has spurred debate between federal judges.
Watch Your Email: A New York federal judge authorized a warrant to be served on Google for the entire contents of a Gmail account held by an individual at the center of a money laundering investigation; rulings in similar cases in other jurisdictions do not allow the government such sweeping access out of privacy concerns.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

W0rm Catches Early Bird: After attacking Dow Jones’ servers, renowned hacker w0rm is selling for one bitcoin data about The Wall Street Journal that would allow prospective buyers to modify articles on and add malicious content to the newspaper’s website.

Cyber-Rockets Fired: The Israeli-Gaza conflict extends to the cyberworld with pro-Israeli hackers launching a campaign targeting official Palestinian websites and anti-Israeli hackers loading sinister photographs on the Israeli Domino’s Pizza Facebook page.
Tirelessly Protecting Cars: Security experts who last year discovered ways to hack into Toyota Priuses and Ford Escapes are now helping to remedy such vulnerabilities through an in-vehicle device that uses algorithms to distinguish normal driving patterns from “rogue behavior.”

Intellectual Property

Infringement vs. Promotion? A record label sued YouTube star Michelle Phan for using copyrighted music as background for her videos; at least one of the label’s artists criticized the suit, arguing that such use helps promote artists’ music.
Prosecutor Censors Websites: In continuation of his March order to censor dozens of websites for copyright infringement, Italy’s public prosecutor recently directed that a webmail and a cloud storage provider also be censored after two yet-to-be-released films were found on the sites.

Free Expression & Censorship

Copyright Criminal? A Colombian graduate student who shared an academic article online is now facing criminal charges and up to eight years in prison after the article’s author sued him under Colombia’s copyright infringement laws.
Just Plane Rude: A disgruntled passenger tweeted about an impolite Southwest Airlines gate agent; the agent removed the man and his children from the flight and would not let them re-board until he deleted the tweet.

Practice Note

Utilizing Public Information: A formal opinion by the ABA advises lawyers to look at what jurors post online so long as the information is publically available.

On The Lighter Side

Smartphone Cases On Steroids: Talk to the hand.

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