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CLIP-ings: July 18, 2014

Internet Governance
Exemption Unlocked: The Senate passed a bill that would reinstate the cell phone unlocking exemption to the DMCA’s anti-DRM-cracking provisions.
Duty Free Internet: The House passed a permanent ban on the taxing of Internet access by state and local governments.


Ending Digital Purgatory: Yahoo! Japan now offers a service for expunging deceased users’ digital footprints.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Cyberbullying? U.S. officials are puzzled as to why sophisticated Chinese hackers are targeting smaller federal agencies, such as the Government Printing Office, that lack access to top secret documents.

Intellectual Property

Licensing Overdraft? A software company alleges that Bank of America copied $300 million worth of its software for unlicensed use in a massive IT project.
Ninth Circuit Presses Play: Rejecting Fox’s argument that DISH’s DVR service is akin to Aereo – the streaming service that the Supreme Court recently ruled violated copyright law – the court held that DISH did not infringe Fox’s copyright.

Free Expression & Censorship

Zero Stars And A Fine: Inexplicably, a French court fined a food blogger for posting a negative restaurant review after the restaurant claimed that the review’s high Google search ranking hurt its business.
Zero Stars And A Lawsuit: A law firm filed a defamation lawsuit against an ex-client who published a scathing Yelp review about his experience with the firm; the truthfulness of the review’s assertions is currently in dispute.

Practice Note

Leniency For Pirates: The ABA issued a memo advising its membership to be circumspect in initiating online file sharing lawsuits.

On The Lighter Side

Vessyl: Half empty, or half full of it?

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