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CLIP-ings: July 11, 2014

Internet Governance

Improved Cyber Defense: The Senate approved a cybersecurity bill that encourages better cooperation between the government and private companies to improve the cyber defenses of critical industries.

Data Stored Locally: The Russian parliament passed a law that bans companies from storing data about its citizens on servers located abroad.


Consumer Data Predicting Health: As a preemptive measure, some hospitals are identifying high-risk patients by using algorithms that relate data such as credit card purchases and loyalty programs with people’s health.
Snooping On American Muslims: The FBI and NSA covertly monitored emails of prominent American Muslim activists and academics; racial slurs in the monitoring reports have prompted the White House to direct the agencies to review their training standards.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Card Skimmers: The European ATM Security Team’s 2014 fraud report revealed that a variety of tiny devices that steal debit card information are hidden in many ATM across the continent. 

Erroneous Digital Certificates: India issued digital certificates to websites falsely claiming Google as the owner; it is unclear whether hackers are responsible.

I Spy: Researchers developed a program that allows Google Glass to identify passwords that other visible users enter onto their smartphones or tablets.

Intellectual Property

Trademark “Trolling” In China: Tesla brought a lawsuit against a Chinese man who registered rights to the company’s name and who is now demanding payment for infringement.

Singapore Blocks Illegal Sites: A new law will allow content owners to force ISPs to block copyright infringing websites.

Free Expression & Censorship

Facebook Outage? Some speculate that the government is responsible for the reported Facebook outages in Myanmar, which are occurring amid recent eruptions of sectarian violence in the country.

Practice Note

What’s Next? An attorney who contributed to the petitioner’s briefs in Riley v. California discusses some possible implications of the landmark Supreme Court case.

On The Lighter Side

Germany vs. Brazil: Here are some tweets from the most tweeted about sporting event in history.

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