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CLIP-ings: June 27, 2014

Internet Governance
Antitrust Allegations: An association of German publishers filed a complaint with the country’s antitrust agency, accusing Amazon of abusing its “market dominant” position by delaying book shipments as a tactic to strong-arm publishers to agree to its e-book profit-sharing demands.
Metadata Collection Deadline Extended: The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court granted the NSA a 90-day extension for its bulk phone data collection program while the U.S. Freedom Act awaits consideration in the Senate.
ICANN Angers France: The country argues that the organization’s launching of .wine and .vin domain names “puts trade agreements regarding the sale of region-specific products like champagne at risk."


Riley v. California: The Supreme Court unanimously held that police generally may not search digital information on an arrestee’s cell phone without a warrant, asserting that the digital search is more akin to ransacking a home than merely seizing an object.  

Information Security & Cyberthreats

World Cup Site Benched: Brazil’s World Cup site was offline for several hours after it was hacked in protest of poverty, corruption, and police brutality.
Montana Security Breach: Hackers breached a server of the state’s Department of Public Health and Human Services to expose the records of 1.3 million people.

Intellectual Property

Aereo Silenced: The Supreme Court ruled that the online video streaming service violates copyright law in part because its unique transmission technology renders the service Aereo provides a “public performance."

Free Expression & Censorship

(Some Of) The News That’s Fit To Print: The International New York Times’ publisher in Pakistan replaced a controversial front-page article with a blank space.

Practice Note

Collect Now, Search Later? The Second Circuit held that the government’s holding non-responsive electronic records for over 2.5 years amounted to an unreasonable search because doing so potentially allowed the government to search the records in relation to a crime different from that for which they were originally seized.

On The Lighter Side

Yo, Colbert: Yo.

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