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CLIP-ings: June 20, 2013

Internet Governance

Britain Spying: The country justified spying on its own citizens on social networks without a warrant on the grounds that the websites are owned by international companies.

Bitcoin Security Compromised? A single entity provided a majority of the computational power to mine new coins, thereby calling into question the supposedly-decentralized currency’s security.

Mt. Gox Bankruptcy: A U.S. bankruptcy court approved the Bitcoin exchange’s Chapter 15 filing to facilitate the investigation into the disappearance of roughly 850,000 bitcoins.


For Canada, It’s Privacy First: The country’s Supreme Court has barred ISPs from disclosing Internet users’ personal information to law enforcement officials without a warrant.

Email Privacy Bill Advances: A majority of House lawmakers co-sponsored a bill that would require the government to obtain warrants before accessing the emails of individuals under investigation.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Cashing In On The World Cup: Fake “EA Sports” Twitter and Instagram accounts are phishing the login credentials of FIFA 14 gamers.

YouTube’s Silk Road: According to a Digital Citizens Alliance report, the site hosts thousands of videos that promote the sale of compromised credit card numbers.

Intellectual Property

Redskins Trademark Registration Cancelled: The TTAB cancelled the registration of the NFL team’s trademarked name on the basis that “a substantial composite of Native Americans found the term Redskins to be disparaging.”

Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank International: Reaffirming its prior stance, the Supreme Court unanimously held that mere “computer implementation fails to transform [an] abstract idea into a patent-eligible invention.”

Free Expression & Censorship

Iraq Blocks Social Media: In the wake of recent uprisings, the country suspended access to numerous social media websites purportedly to prevent terrorist groups from using such sites to organize attacks.

Practice Note

Email Harvesting Lawsuit: A district court allowed a lawsuit against LinkedIn to proceed under a right of publicity claim but not on a Stored Communications Act claim.

On The Lighter Side

Google Glass Hate Crimes: The Daily Show sheds light on the serious injustices faced by Google Glass wearers.

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