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CLIP-ings: February 7, 2014

Internet Governance
Apple Picks Bitcoin Wallet: Apple, without explanation, removes the popular Blockchain bitcoin app from its App Store amid international controversy and regulation confusion surrounding the crypto-currency.
YouTube Fraudsters: YouTube is implementing a stricter auditing program to weed out cash-for-views fraudsters that produce fake view counts on videos.
Merkel Too Cozy With The NSA? A German hacker group filed a complaint against Chancellor Angela Merkel for allegedly violating Germans’ personal privacy by abetting their surveillance by U.S. and British intelligence agencies.
Our Spying Friends To The North: Another leak courtesy of Edward Snowden revealed that Canada’s top electronic spy agency tracks airline passengers that log into public airport Wi-Fi—sometimes for days after the passengers leave the airport.
Information Security & Cyberthreats
It Came From The Air Ducts: The hackers responsible for the recent Target data breach gained access to consumer data through login information stolen from a heating-and-air-conditioning contractor.
Intellectual Property
Patent Peace In Our Time: After recently reaching a patent cross-licensing agreement with Apple, Samsung has now reached an agreement with Cisco to share current and new patents for the next ten years.
North Korea “Invents” Mac OS X: The latest version of the North Korean state-owned operating system has replaced its former Windows 7-like style with a Mac OS X design.
Pirates Thwart Dutch Torrent Blockade: A recent study revealed that blocking popular torrent site The Pirate Bay was an ineffective legal remedy for reducing the percentage of the population illegally downloading.
Free Expression & Censorship
Grinding To A Halt: Russian users of a gay dating app similar to Grindr received the following message: “You will be arrested and jailed for gay propaganda in Sochi according to Russian Federal Law #135 Sektion 6.”
Facebook Freedom: Activists in Syria are complaining that many of their Facebook pages are being shut down—some for violating company policy by posting graphic images, and others because the Syrian Electronic Army has flooded Facebook with complaints.
On the Lighter Side
Jamie Casino For President: Jamie Casino a personal injury lawyer from Savannah, Georgia, won the Super Bowl with his viral ad.
Editorial Fellows: Kwame Akosah, Adiella Stadler, Tom Norton