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CLIP-ings: January 24, 2014

Internet Governance
BitTorrent And The Denver Broncos Fumble: The FTC took action against U.S. companies including BitTorrent and the Broncos for non-compliance with EU Safe-Harbor rules regarding data of EU citizens.
The Man Behind The Curtain: The Chinese government promulgated a new rule requiring users to register their real names before uploading content to Chinese online video sites.


Google Chrome’s Hot Mic Bug: Chrome’s voice recognition function can be exploited to continually record audio without a visual indicator; Google claims the service is working as intended but will look into alternatives to indicate when Chrome is recording.
Eric Schmidt Denies Knowledge Of NSA Tapping: In an interview with The Guardian, Google’s Eric Schmidt claims to have been “outraged” when he discovered the NSA targeting of Google data, and that he “complained at great length” to the Feds.
Information Security & Cyberthreats
Russian eCowboys: A report alleges that Russian hackers are spying on private energy firms in order to give Russian companies a competitive edge.
Target-ing Credit Fraud: Two Mexican citizens were arrested re-entering the U.S. border with 96 fraudulent credit cards linked to accounts stolen from the original Target security breach; Police believe that stolen data is being sold regionally.
Intellectual Property
(Don’t) Put The Glasses On! A man wearing Google Glass was questioned at an AMC theater for possible piracy; the case was referred to the Department of Homeland Security where he was cleared of wrongdoing.
Amazin’ Amazon: filed a patent for “anticipatory shipping,” a program that analyzes comprehensive customer data to predict which products a user is likely to buy and ships the items to local hubs before they are even purchased.
King Of Candy Land: King, the videogame company that created the wildly popular game Candy Crush Saga, has trademarked the word “candy” to protect the title from various IP infringements- including computer games, clothing and footwear.
Free Expression & Censorship
Look Who Read 1984: All cellphones near Kiev protest were greeted with the Orwellian text message: “Dear subscriber, you are registered as a participant in a mass disturbance.”
Practice Note
A Tale Of Two Cities: A Tennessee student who tweeted a death threat only received a 10-day diversion to an alternate school and mandatory counseling, while a California student who posted a death threat on Facebook was criminally convicted of making an unlawful criminal threat. 
On the Lighter Side
Blame It On The A-A-A-A-A-Auto-Correct: “A-Rod” explains how his iPhone framed him of steroid use.
Editorial Fellows: Kwame Akosah and Adiella Stadler