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CLIP-ings: January 10, 2014

Internet Governance
Bitcoin BustTaiwan announced this week that it will not allow the installation of Bitcoin ATMs because it does not recognize Bitcoins as genuine currency.


Facebook Class Action:  A class action lawsuit was filed against Facebook after users allegedly discovered their “private” messages were mined for data that was subsequently sold to advertisers.
Facebook sued for allegedly reading private messages, says accusation has no merit
Street View WiretapAlthough the Ninth Circuit revised an earlier ruling against Google for violating the federal Wiretap Act by collecting user data over unencrypted WiFi networks, it still rejected Google’s argument that the practice falls within an exception of the Act and is therefore permissible.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Rerouted:  After a French systems engineer discovered a “backdoor” into his Linksys router, hackers around the world checked their own routers and discovered that many other brands have the same security hole.

Free Expression & Censorship

False Yelps Unprotected:  The Virginia Court of Appeals ruled that false Yelp reviews are not subject to First Amendment protection and, thus, the identities of seven online critics must be unmasked.

Intellectual Property

Game Changer? After it recently rejected an application to trademark “Redskins Hog Rinds” because it found the term “Redskin” derogatory, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is reportedly considering revoking the Washington Redskins’ trademark registration for its team name.

Practice Note

Software vs. Service Trademark Distinction A blog details the importance of correctly identifying whether a mark will be used in connection with either software or services when applying for a trademark.

On the Lighter Side

Gold Digger:  Kanye acts Swift-ly again, this time to halt new crypto-currency Coinye West.

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