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CLIP-ings: October 25, 2013


Internet Governance

Wikipedia Wipeout: The popular online encyclopedia blocked or banned over 250 suspected “sockpuppet” accounts because they allegedly edited articles to promote a paid agenda.
No Notice For Hackers: The U.S. District Court in Idaho ordered that an ICS product developer’s computer could be seized without notice since the defendants are self-described hackers who would be likely to destroy incriminating evidence.
There’s A Pill For That: Patients utilizing Practice Fusion, a start-up company providing online patient management services, may be surprised to find that their doctor reviews – some of which contain sensitive medical data and identifying information – are publicly available on the company’s website.
Circuit Court Rules On GPS Tracking: In light of the 2012 Supreme Court decision, U.S. v. Jones, which held that installing a GPS tracking device on a suspect’s car constitutes a “search,” the Third Circuit ruled this week that law enforcement must obtain a probable cause warrant before installing the device.
Information Security & Cyberthreats
Hush, Little Baby, Don’t Say A Word: A Belkin wireless baby monitor controlled by mobile phones may be turned into an iPhone-controlled bugging device by exploiting a security flaw that only requires one-time home network access to authenticate the smartphone.
Taking Terrorist Threats To Heart: Former Vice President Dick Cheney disabled the wireless feature on his pacemaker out of fear that terrorists could hack into the device and kill him.

Intellectual Property

Sony Sues United Airlines: Sony Music filed a complaint this week, alleging that the airline infringed the label’s copyrights by copying sound recordings and music videos onto aircraft servers for passenger use.

Free Expression & Censorship

With Liberty And Justice For All: In the hopes of protecting free expression in countries with restricted Internet access, Google has released three new tools designed to prevent tracking and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Practice Note

Full Price Legal Services: An opinion drafted by the Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility warns lawyers of the ethical dilemmas in selling discounted, prepaid deals in daily-deal marketing programs, such as Groupon.

On the Lighter Side

Double, Double, Drone And Trouble: A seasonal use for your quadcopter (now if only that ghost delivered tacos).

    Editorial Fellows: Victoria Geronimo, Adiella Stadler

    Dean's Fellow: Daniela Alvarado