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CLIP-ings: September 27, 2013

Internet Governance
New York Cracks Down on Fake Online Reviews:  After a yearlong undercover investigation, the New York Attorney General fined 19 companies a total of $350,000 for their roles in creating fraudulent online reviews for local businesses.
User Beware: This week, the FDA clarified that it will only seek to regulate mobile medical apps that pose more than a minimal health risk to patients in the event that the apps malfunction.


DEA Responds to Medical Records Lawsuit: In response to the ACLU’s lawsuit calling for heightened privacy standards when the government seeks to access to citizens’ medical records, the DEA asserted that there is no constitutional expectation of privacy once the records are transferred to a pharmacy or other third party.
Biometric Data for Cash Scheme HaltedIn an interim order, India’s Supreme Court ruled that the government could not make the submission of personal biometric data a requirement for receiving subsides from local agencies. 

Information Security & Cyberthreats

iPhone 5S Security Flaw:  Hackers claim to have already bypassed the new iPhone’s Touch ID system, which utilizes fingerprint sensor software to unlock the phone.  
LinkedIn Denies Charges In response to a class action lawsuit filed last week, LinkedIn denied the allegations that it hacked into its users’ email accounts without authorization and stole contact lists.

Intellectual Property

There’s Room In This Town For the Both of UsA Brazilian court ruled that IGB Electronica, which formerly held exclusive rights to the “iphone” name in Brazil, must now share it with Apple.

Free Expression & Censorship

China’s Great Firewall:  Contrary to earlier reports, China now denies that Facebook and Twitter will be permitted within the experimental Shanghai free trade zone, which will be launched next week.

Sudanese Internet Blackout: After Sudan experienced a complete Internet blackout this week, many suspect it was a government response to riots over its decision to lift fuel subsidies.

Practice Note

Federal Court “Slips” on Design Patent Ruling:  Following the Federal Circuit’s upholding of a patent for fur-lined slippers, James Grimmelmann strongly argues that the court has created a lenient system for granting design patents.

On the Lighter Side

Which One Are You?  Everyone has an opinion on the NSA leaks.  Are you a Crypto Nut or an Exhibitionist? 

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