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CLIP-ings: September 20, 2013


Internet Governance

Health Department Launches Privacy Education Software:  In an effort to inform the public of their privacy rights, a new program launched by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services strives to educate patients about the use and control of their health information. 


FISC Opinion Declassified:  This week, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court released a previously classified opinion, which enabled the wholesale surrender of metadata by phone companies.
Dropbox Opens .doc Files:  A new service has revealed that Dropbox’s software opens files uploaded to its service in order to create a preview and scan for malware. 

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Black Hat U:  Hackers offer a complete curriculum, including online courses and job placement, to those interested in learning cybercrime techniques.
Mercenaries Behind High Profile Hacks:  A group of 50 to 100 hackers-for-hire nicknamed “Hidden Lynx” are revealed to have been tied to the Bit9 and Operation Aurora attacks.  

Intellectual Property

Disney Ignores Unauthorized Indie Film:  The entertainment giant maintains its silence on an indie horror flick set in a nightmarish version of one of its parks and involving unflattering depictions of its characters.  

Free Expression & Censorship

Facebook “Likes” Constitutionally Protected:  The Fourth Circuit held that “Liking” a post on Facebook is both symbolic expression and protected speech.

Practice Note

Anti-SLAPP Statute Defeats Appropriation of Likeness Claim:  The Ninth Circuit held that, because a defendant’s right to free speech may outweigh allegedly unlawful conduct, the anti-SLAPP statute could be applied to strike a plaintiff’s claim against the producers of “Gangland” for revealing his identity in an episode. 

On the Lighter Side

FOIA Fax on the Fritz:  Were your FOIA forms returned to sender? There may be a reason for that.


Dean's Fellow: Daniela Alvarado