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CLIP-ings June 28,2013

Internet Governance

FTC Access Proposal:  The Federal Trade Commission proposes an industry-wide initiative, called "Reclaim Your Name," that would allow users to see the information a company has about them.

FTC Advertising Enforcement: The Federal Trade Commission issued letters to Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other companies warning them to do a better job distinguishing paid search results from advertising.


Spy-to-Spy: The British Government Communications HQ taps transatlantic fiber optic cables and shares the data with the NSA.
Open Classrooms:  Popular virtual classroom software lacks encryption and may lead to unauthorized access to student data.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

US Hacks China:  Snowden leaks that US surveillance captures Chinese mobile phone text messages.
China Hacks US:  Chinese military's "Comment Crew" resumes command and control activity.

Intellectual Property

Copyright and News Aggregation:  German publishers have a new right under the copyright law to opt-in to the Google News aggregation service.
Software Patents:  German Parliament votes to eliminate patents for software.

Free Expression & Censorship

New Information Roadblock Iran pioneering internet slowdown as a tool for censorship.

Practice Notes

Security in the Cloud:  Ten key security steps for organizations adopting cloud services.

On the Lighter Side

Tweet to the Rescue:  "Red Panda in our Neighborhood" -- escaped zoo critter caught by Twitter.