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CLIP-ings: April 26, 2013

Internet Governance
Taxi App Win: A New York court dismissed a lawsuit which claimed that allowing riders to hail cabs using smartphone apps violates the city’s ban on prearranged taxi rides.
Internet Sales Tax: Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will likely pass a bill allowing states to collect taxes on out-of-state sales including online purchases.


Employee Privacy Carveout: The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority is asking states who have enacted social media privacy laws to create exceptions to allow financial firms to view employee’s accounts when fraud or misuse is suspected.
DOJ Lets ISPs Wiretap: Internal documents obtained by The Electronic Privacy Information Center reveal that the Justice Department secretly issued letters providing legal immunity to Internet providers, such as AT&T, who intercepted communications on their networks in violation of federal wiretapping law. 

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Non-Hacker Convicted: Despite not using a computer himself, David Nosal was found guilty of hacking in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act after persuading colleagues to access proprietary information in the database of his former employer.
Fake Tweet Shakes Market: The stock market plunged 143 points after hackers used the Associated Press’ Twitter account to post a fake story about explosions at the White House.

Intellectual Property

DMCA Gap: A NY appellate court ruled that the music-sharing site Grooveshark does not have DMCA immunity from lawsuits over illegal user uploads of songs recorded prior to 1972 because federal copyright law does not govern them.

Free Expression & Censorship

Canadian Anti-Cyberbullying Proposal: A Justice Minister in Nova Scotia has proposed a federal law to make it illegal to distribute intimate images for a malicious or sexual purpose without consent, following the suicide of a teen who was bullied using such images.

Practice Notes

Patent CivPro: The Federal Circuit rules that in patent infringement cases proper use of the model form is all that is needed for a sufficient pleading.

On the Lighter Side

Mile-high Matchmaker: Virgin America lets passengers send winks and drinks through their new inflight entertainment system.

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