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CLIP-ings: March 15, 2013

Internet Governance
College Credit Online: The California Legislature will consider a bill requiring the state’s colleges to give credit for online courses, even when they are provided by out-of-state or commercial institutions, in response to overenrolled classes.
Congress to Review Medical Apps: House lawmakers will hold hearings to examine whether the FDA should regulate medical apps used on smartphones and tablet devices, amidst concerns over whether devices running such apps should be labeled “medical devices” under the Affordable Care Act.


Google Fined for Spying: Google will pay a $7 million fine and implement privacy programs for employees and consumers in a settlement over the company’s use of its Street View cars to collect personal data from unencrypted wireless networks.
Border Laptop Searches Limited: The Ninth Circuit ruled that border searches of electronic devices must comply with the Fourth Amendment’s reasonableness requirement, and that the password protection of a file is not sufficient grounds for suspicion.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Visa Sued Over Fines: A retail company is suing Visa over the fines that the credit card company imposes on banks and retailers who have been hacked. 

Intellectual Property

3D Printing Company Defies Copyright Law: A law student known for printing gun parts announced a new search engine for 3D printable models which will permit weapon designs and fight DMCA takedown requests.
Trolls After IP Addresses: A copyright troll law firm has subpoenaed the IP addresses of users who accessed blogs critical of its behavior, in a series of defamation suits filed against the blogs themselves.  

Free Expression & Censorship

Celebrity Tweets Regulated: The FTC released rules requiring celebrities to explicitly label tweets promoting products as advertisements.

Practice Notes

Trade Secrets and FOIA: A review of what happens when trade secrets laws and FOIA requests collide. 

On the Lighter Side

Algorithmic Pentameter: Autocompleted odes.

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