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CLIP-ings: December 7, 2012


Internet Governance

Committee Approves Change to ECPA: The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would require police to obtain a warrant before requesting emails and other private information from Internet providers.
U.N. Internet Summit: As delegates from around the world meet in Dubai this week to rewrite the International Telecommunications Union’s regulations, the US and Canada have not been able to keep the regulation of web companies off the table.


“Sponsored Stories” Suit: A federal judge in California gave preliminary approval to a settlement between Facebook and users whose names and photos were used in ads without their permission.
Invasive Advertising: An advertising firm settled with the FTC after it was caught using browser history sniffing technology to collect consumer data.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

International Data Leak: Switzerland’s intelligence service says one of its IT technicians may have compromised counter-terrorism information, potentially jeopardizing British and American data shared with foreign governments.

Intellectual Property

Patent Troll Targets Retailers: A firm that previously targeted mobile app developers is now pursuing large retailers, claiming patents on interactive chat and user feedback forms.
EU Considers Copyright Law: The European Commission will consider reforming online copyright laws to address concerns over cross-border copyrights and Europeans’ access to online movies and TV.

Free Expression & Censorship

Damascus Back Online: Internet service in Syria has returned after a two-day blackout thought to be caused by the Syrian government.
UN Approves Deep Packet Inspection: The International Telecommunications Union approved technology that allows governments and companies to examine all of a user’s Internet traffic.

Practice Notes

DMCA Exempt: A helpful guide to the newly issued exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that allow users to lawfully tinker with anti-circumvention technologies.

On the Lighter Side

Instagram Slam: Unfiltered criticism of those photos you’ve been posting.

Editorial Fellows: Megan Bright,Gabrielle Cojuangco, Austen Ishii