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CLIP-ings: November 30, 2012

Internet Governance
Operation Perfect Hedge: FBI agents are scouring Twitter and Facebook for tips of insider trading and securities fraud as more investors use social media to share ideas and investment strategies.


Police Collecting Stolen Cellphone Logs: The NYPD is stockpiling call records from stolen cellphones, all obtained without a court order.
Student Tracking: A federal court will decide whether a Texas high school violated a student’s right to privacy and freedom of religion when it required students to wear ID cards embedded with RFID chips.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Conflict Moves Online: Cyber attacks on Israeli and Palestinian websites significantly increased after the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Intellectual Property

Bogus Notice: The copyright notice being posted by users on Facebook does not alter the license users gave the social network under its Terms of Service.
Web Radio Bill: Pandora failed to generate congressional support for its Internet Radio Fairness Act, which would reduce the music royalty fees paid by web radio services.

Free Expression & Censorship

Right to Record Police: The Supreme Court denied certiorari to a Seventh Circuit ruling finding that an Illinois law banning the recording of police officers violated the First Amendment.
Google As Publisher: An Australian court found Google liable for defamation after the search engine failed to remove images and other material linking a music promoter to criminal activity.

Practice Notes

Online Banking Procedures: Dan Mitchell explains how to determine liability for fraudulent online transactions following a First Circuit decision on a bank’s obligations in response to online cyber-thefts.

On the Lighter Side

Berne’d!: The legal fallacy of the copyright notice going viral on Facebook.
Editorial Fellows: Megan Bright, Gabrielle Cojuangco & Austen Ishii