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CLIP-ings: November 9, 2012

Internet Governance
More 4G: The European Commission passed a new rule which will result in EU countries providing twice as much spectrum for 4G technologies as the U.S. does.
Voting Booth Not A Photo Booth: After hundreds of voters posted photos of their ballots on social networks, experts noted that this practice is illegal in several states.


Sex Offender Anonymity Stalled: Despite winning 81% approval from CA voters, a federal judge blocked the enforcement of a law that would require registered sex offenders to reveal their Internet identities to police.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Tables Turned on Hacker: After being victimized by a series of hacks, the nation of Georgia retaliated with a virus of its own, which captured photos of the alleged Russian hacker.

Intellectual Property

Ad-Skipping on Trial: A federal judge rejected Fox Broadcasting’s request for a preliminary injunction to disable Dish Network’s ad skipping feature.
Compulsory License Dispute: A U.S. District Court dismissed Apple’s lawsuit against Motorola over licensing fees for cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity patents.

Free Expression & Censorship

False Tweets: A New York law that criminalizes false incident reports which raise public alarm may include tweets like the ones spread last week containing misinformation about hurricane damage.

Practice Notes

Disaster Management: For computer owners struck by Hurricane Sandy, some advice on how to to recover data from water damaged hard drives.

On the Lighter Side

Fail to the Chief: Searching for America's Next President.

Editorial Fellows: Megan Bright, Gabrielle Cojuangco, Austen Ishii