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CLIP-ings: March 2, 2012

Internet Governance

U.S. Closes Canadian Site: The government embraced a non-traditional technique to shut down a Canadian gambling site.


Apple Photo Vulnerability: A security flaw in Apple products makes users’ photo libraries accessible to app developers without requiring user permission.
QR-Coded Contraception: In an effort to engage the social media generation, Planned Parenthood has released a series of QR-coded condom wrappers that encourage users to check in after usage.

Information Security & Cyberthreats

Anonymous and Wikileaks Collaborate: Two major online hacktivist organizations joined forces to leak gigabytes of private emails acquired from intelligence firm Stratfor.

Intellectual Property

Copyright Overenforcement: Audio scanning technology led a company to mistake bird chirps for copyright infringement and demand the takedown of a YouTube video.
Flickr Prevents Pinterest ‘Pinning’: In an effort to prevent infringement, Flickr will allow users to disable Pinterest’s photo reposting capability.

Free Expression & Censorship

Privacy Rights Versus Free Speech: NPR’s Robert Krulwich outlines the tensions between the right to be forgotten and others’ rights to free speech.
Pakistan Proposes Web and SMS Censorship: As the 2013 elections approach, Pakistan is considering selective censorship of the web and SMS messages.

Practice Notes

Do Not Track’ Bill Unpacked: A closer look at the tradeoffs in the White House’s proposed Consumer Bill of Rights.

On the Lighter Side

And The Award For Best Leg Goes To…: Legbombing explodes! (Across the Internet.)
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