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State Attorneys General Urged to Read CLIP Data Privacy Study

January 14, 2010

Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna has recommended that his fellow attorneys general read the Center on Law and Information Policy's children's educational privacy study in connection with National Data Privacy Day on January 28.

National Data Privacy Day is an international collaborative effort promoting education and awareness about protecting the privacy of personal information. It provides an opportunity for government officials, privacy professionals, community leaders, and educators to promote awareness and education about data privacy and protection issues.

McKenna suggested his colleagues examine the CLIP study as they review their respective states' policies and conduct Data Privacy Days in their own states.  

“This is an important affirmation of the need for state government to publicly address children’s privacy,” said Joel R. Reidenberg, Professor of Law and Founding Academic Director of CLIP. "The CLIP study sought to raise awareness of significant privacy issues and to help state governments address the protection of children at this critical juncture.”

The CLIP study, released last October, found that state educational databases across the country ignore key privacy protections for the nation’s K – 12 children. The study makes several recommendations for increasing the privacy, transparency, and accountability of the databases.

Contact: Stephen Eichinger