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Reciprocity - Using Another School's Career Resources

For the benefit of students and graduates searching for a job outside the New York metropolitan area, the CPC has reciprocity agreements with law school career planning offices across the country. This service allows a student/graduate to access certain services at the career services office of a participating school in the desired geographic area.

Step 1: Identify at which law school to request reciprocity

Each law school has its own policies pertaining to available resources for reciprocity students; therefore to help you decide which school to request reciprocity from, you should call that school's career planning office to find out exactly to which services/resources you are allowed access (i.e. online job board, counseling services).

As a good starting point to research other schools, students/graduates should visit the NALP website at for a list of reciprocity policies at law schools around the country.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a School for Reciprocity:

  • Which services will you have access to (counseling, job lists, etc )?
  • When are the blackout dates?
  • How many times may you visit during the time period set?

General Policies:

1. Students/Graduates cannot obtain reciprocity to law schools that are within a 90 mile radius of Fordham Law School.

2. Students/Graduates are limited to one reciprocity request per semester per city (i.e. one for Washington D.C. area and one for the Boston area). 

3. Reciprocity services are generally suspended at most law schools during their Fall OCI period - generally July 1-November 1; therefore you should inquire with the particular school as to its blackout dates. 

Step 2: Request Reciprocity Services

Once you decide from which law school you wish to receive reciprocity services, the CPC must make the request for services on your behalf.  Therefore, please email your request to

The email request to  should include the following information:

  • the name, title and email address of the Reciprocity Coordinator at the selected school
  • the school's address
  • your graduation year
  • the date/time frame you plan on visiting the school

You will be copied on the email request that we make to that school. Once the request is granted, the other school will email you directly with the reciprocity letter and policy. Please make sure to read the policy thoroughly and follow the necessary guidelines. The policy will include information such as: (i) the length of time you may use the services and (ii) the number of times you may visit. Please note that it may take a few weeks to arrange the service, so plan ahead.