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CPC Resource Library and Resources Available

The Career Planning Center maintains a resource library staffed by our Resource Associate, who is available to assist students and alumni with their job search related research questions. The Resource Associate regularly assists students with using Martindale-Hubbell in the CD-ROM format housed in the computers located in the Resource Library.  The CPC Resource Library also houses:
  • Job search related books, directories and publications
  • Career development books and publications
  • Three computers with internet access for student/alumni use related to job search efforts
  • Copier
  • Fax Machine
  • Scanner
  • Three computers housing the Martindale-Hubbell CD-ROM allowing for detailed searches of employers nationwide

Additionally, the CPC has made arrangements with the main Law Library to make available the CPC's most popular hardcopy resources so that students and alumni may have access to these resources during the hours when the CPC Resource Library is closed, and, for a computer on Stack Level 3 marked "Lexis" to house a Martindale-Hubbell CD-ROM.

For a partial listing of CPC hard copy resources, visit the Law Library website at, choose the Location: CPC Resource Library and enter an asterisk (*) in the search field.