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Class Agents

Become a Class Agent!

Fordham Law class agents are alumni leaders who are engaged with the Law School and stay in close contact with classmates. They are enthusiastic and excited to encourage participation in alumni events throughout the year and to help with their class campaign by reinforcing fundraising messages from the Law School. Each class will have  2 agents who will work with the closely with the Assistant Dean of Alumni Relations.


Classmate Engagement
Build connections between Fordham Law and your classmates through on-going communications and attendance at alumni events.
o Spread the word of upcoming alumni events and promote attendance
o Encourage classmates to submit class notes and contact information updates
o Provide School with updated contact information for your classmates as you receive it
o If you are a user of social media, manage a social media presence for your class (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
o Serve as a liaison and update classmates with the latest Fordham Law news

Class Gift Campaign
Make the class gift campaign successful by reinforcing the fundraising efforts of the Law School, including:
o Making your own annual gift to the Fordham Law Fund at a level that is personally significant to you
o Sending a class agent email each Fall and Springs that asks classmates to support the Fund
o Reinforce fundraising messages from the Law School throughout the year by forwarding these messages on to your classmates

It’s Fun & Easy!

Ongoing Support
The Alumni Relations Office will be there to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Staying Informed
The Alumni Relations Office will keep you up to speed with monthly updates. This is information to share with classmates to help spread the word and increase the strength of our alumni community.

Contact Information:
Michael Schiumo, Assistant Dean of Alumni Relations
Office: 212.636.7293