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How do I apply?
We strongly prefer that you apply electronically. You can also download a paper application here or request one via email ( or by calling the Office of Admissions at 212.636.6810.

We require a personal statement (should be no more than 2-3 pages, double spaced on the topic of your choice), resume and  letters of recommendations. 
Application Procedure 

How much is the application fee?
The application processing fee is $70.00.

When are applications accepted?
Applications are accepted between September 15, 2014 and March 15, 2015.

Does Fordham have spring enrollment?
No. We enroll to start for the fall semester only.

What are the median LSAT and GPA for admitted students?
Our most recent entering full-time students had a median LSAT of a 163 and a GPA of a 3.53. Our part-time students had a median LSAT of a 160 and a GPA of a 3.47. 

Does Fordham offer aplicant interviews?
No. Due to our large applicant pool we unable to offer evaluative interviews. However the Office of Admissions has an open door policy where applicants can stop in at anytime during normal business hours to meet with an available Admissions Officer.
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When can I expect to be notified about my application?
Fordham makes decisions on a rolling basis. The committee endeavors to notify applicants of decisions within six to eight weeks after receipt of application. Applications received on or around University calendar breaks will take additional processing time.
Evaluation and Decision Making
Application Status Checker

Do you have an Early Action Program?
Yes, although it is not binding and you must qualify. To qualify, you must submit your completed application, including your valid LSAT score, by October 15th.  You will be notified by December 15th as long as your file is completed and ready for review.

Do you accept transfer and visiting students?
Yes. Applications for transfer and visiting students may be submitted from March 15, 2015 to June 30, 2015 for the fall 2015 term. Transfer and visiting applications are considered during the latter part of July, and applicants will typically receive a decision during the first week of August. Students wishing to visit of the spring 2015 semester must submit their application by December 15, 2014.
Transfer and Visitor Information

What are the Bar admissons requirements for character, fitness, and other qualifications? The American Bar Association (ABA Standard 504) advises applicants that there are character, fitness, and other qualifications for admission to the bar and encourages each applicant prior to matriculation in a Juris Doctor (J.D.) program to determine what those requirements are in the state(s) in which the applicant intends to practice.  For more information, contact the American Bar Association, 750 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611 or at (312) 988-5000 or at
ABA Eligibility

Can I apply to both the full-time day and part-time evening programs at the same time?
No. You can only apply to one program per admissions cycle. If your original application to the full-time program is declined, you may submit a written request to be reconsidered for the part-time evening program.

How does the application reconsideration process work?
If you have received an unfavorable decision on your application, you can request reconsideration of your application. Please submit your request in writing via and indicate the division to which you would like to be reconsidered. The reconsideration process will begin in June 2015 with notification usually sent the first week of August 2015.
Follow-up Procedures

Does Fordham offer tours of the law school campus?
Yes. We offer self-guided tours during normal business hours throughout the year and information sessions as well as guided tours starting in late September when school is in session. For more information on the visitation schedule, please see the admissions calendar.
Visiting the Campus

Does Fordham offer housing to students?
Yes. Students may apply for rooms in McMahon Hall on the Lincoln Center campus. The Law School also has access to apartments on the west side of Manhattan. Please visit the section on Residential Life for more information.