John I. Forry
Adjunct Professor of Law

444 E. 84th Street
New York,  New York  10028
Telephone: 646.345.0586


  • A Practical Guide to Foreign Investment in the United States, BNA International Inc., 1st edition 1979, edition in French 1980, 2nd edition 1982, edition in Japanese 1983, edition in German 1983, 3rd edition in looseleaf 1989-1995 (co-author and editor)
  • Joint Ventures in the United States, Butterworths, 1988, edition in Chinese 1994 (co-author and co-editor)
  • Differences in Tax Treatment of Foreign Investors: Domestic Branches and Domestic Subsidiaries, Kluwer Law and Taxation Publishers, 1984 (General Reporter and editor)
  • Current Legal Aspects of Foreign Investment in the United States, American Bar Association, 1976 (co-author and co-editor)
  • International Income Taxation, Vols. I-III of Course Materials, 1973 and subsequent revisions (editor).