Charles J. Moxley Jr.
Adjunct Professor of Law

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The Sword In The Mirror-The Lawfulness of North Korea's Use and Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons Based on The United States Legitimization of Nuclear Weapons, 27 Fordham Int'l L.J. 1379, 2004

International Law and Nuclear Weapons in the Post Cold War World, Austin & Winfield 2000, with Forewords by Robert S. McNamara, David W. Leebron and Kosta Tsipis

The Unlawfulness of the United Kingdom’s Policy of Nuclear Deterrence: The Invalidity of the Scottish High Court’s Decision in Zelter, Disarmament Diplomacy No. 58, June 2001

Primary author of New York County Lawyers Association Foreign and International Law Committee report entitled On the Unlawfulness of the Use and Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons, released by the Committee on September 11, 2000, which won the award for the Year’s Best NYCLA Committee Report