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Wishing added horsepower to China in this Year of the Horse

Geoffrey Sant in People's Daily (China), February 01, 2014

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Happy Chinese New Year! Horse happy! Blessing China, Sino-US relations are blessed. In the Year of the Horse is approaching, I wish China and the Chinese people at full speed, a higher level.

For me, the horse represents speed, flying forward. I think the initial learning of a Chinese idiom, led the way. I also think the horse interesting history. Scientists believe that most of the equine originated in North America, then to Asia, and from Asia, spread to Europe and other continents. However, 10,000 years ago, the horse became extinct in North America and South America. About 5,000 years ago, Europeans reintroduced horses turn the American continent.

Horses in many ways represents our global partnership. No American, horses would not have come to Asia. No Asia, the horse would not go to Europe, but not in Europe, horses will not go back to America. Every continent and every country will be something others flourish. Today, the Chinese economy in the United States and Europe on the basis of the development, the development in Europe and the United States on the basis of China, but also the development of the United States and China on the basis of Europe. If we work together, the whole world will be progress.

Frankly, as an American, at the University before, I've never had Chinese friends. Before my adult life, I have a lack of understanding of China and the Chinese people. But now all my life are related to China. In the past year, I have about five months in China for the local service companies. As an adjunct professor at Fordham Law School, I established the annual meeting of China Law School. I am most proud of is that some Chinese companies in the service of my good friends, they say never think of me as a foreign friend, but to me as one of their Chinese friends.

In college, I was attracted by the charm of Chinese language, Chinese is a long-term historical and cultural heritage of the language. Thus, during college I decided to go China Taiwan learning Chinese. My original idea was to learn Chinese in Taiwan for a year and then leave, but I'm more and more Chinese heritage infection.

Until mother told my grandfather's experience, I began to understand my own family has turned out to be with Chinese origins. I finally realized that he is the owner seems to have two nationalities. One is the country of my birth, my spiritual sustenance and other countries are closely linked. I knew my grandfather a soldier in World War II, but did not know he was duty is to protect the Flying Tigers of the airport. Later, my mother and I once visited a memorial in the Chinese anti-Japanese hero museum, which introduced the Flying Tigers. Mother had told me that her father the year in the United States Army Air Corps, his job is to protect the Flying Tigers airport transportation routes and work.

A child, my grandfather often talked about his experience dealing with Japanese bombers attacked, he also talked about the close friendship between the pilots and the Flying Tigers. But then I did not know these so-called Flying Tigers pilot is a hero, do not know they are defending China. My mother and I brought back from the museum a "Flying Tigers" T-shirt as a souvenir to give my grandfather, my grandfather was very moved. "I think the Chinese people have forgotten about it." He said softly. Relations between the United States and China is very deep, very historical background. When the two countries to work together, we will be more powerful and can achieve great cause.

Last year, my grandfather passed away, but I will inherit his desire to continue to contribute to the development of Sino-US relations. I'm interested in the company's services to China, with the knowledge of the law to protect the rights of Chinese companies in the United States and to avoid legal disputes. Many times, seemingly in a desperate situation, but in the end when we won the lawsuit for the Chinese companies, and savings for the company to pay millions or even hundreds of millions in damages, I think of my grandfather and his wish.

(The author, Geoffrey Sant, is a senior adviser to the U.S. attorney Dorsey court business unit, the newspaper in an interview with U.S. reporters Wu Yun finishing)