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Take-Home Exams

The professor may elect to allow students to do a take-home exam, affording students a maximum of 48 hours to take the exam.  If you would like students to take home and complete the exam during a specified period, please contact the Registrar, who will coordinate the scheduling.  You may instead wish to afford students a "rolling exam period" during which they may choose the period.  In the latter case, the professor may allow the student to obtain the exam any time during the final exam period, provided the student takes no more than the prescribed period (typically 24 or 48 hours) to complete the exam. 
The earliest date on which you may make a take-home exam available to students is the first day of the reading period.  This helps accord respect to classes conducted by other professors, by ensuring that students don't miss classes in order to write their take-home exams.  Take-home exams should not be due before the third day of the exam period.

All take-home examinations should be downloaded and uploaded to the Exam 4 website, however, student registration for Exam 4 is not required.  Students may use any word processing program for take-home exams and upload their answers to the Exam 4 website.