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In-Class Examinations with Laptops – Exam 4

Faculty may participate in this program where students are given the option of taking their in-class final examinations using their personal laptop computers.  Participating students will be using software called Exam 4 which is designed specifically for exam taking.  The program creates a protected test environment by locking down the system, allowing students only to access a basic word processing application.  Your students have been instructed on how to register for Exam 4 and how to download the software.  If you DO NOT want to make this option available to your students you should contact the Registrar (see Directory) no later than one month after the start of the semester.
The Registrar's Office will arrange to have an exam proctor, so you need not be present in the classroom on the day the exam is administered.  There is, however, an exception to this:  if your exam is not designed to be either completely closed-book or completely open-book, you should inform the Registrar of the exam to ensure that your restrictions are followed.  Thus, for instance, if you permit "a reasonably annotated Code only," you should inform the Registrar of the exam to confirm compliance with your instructions, as proctors are not charged with the interpretation of instructions. 

Students must be prepared to present their Law School identification cards during the exam period and when requested to do so by any proctor, faculty member, or security guard.