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In-Class Exams

If you choose to have your students take a schedule final exam (rather than a take-home), the Registrar's Office will schedule the exam.  All such exams are held during the 10-20 day period following the end of classes.  Individual professors are not authorized to change the time or place of a final examination or to administer an exam on the last day of class or otherwise while classes are in session.
Exams must be delivered to the Registrar’s office one week prior to the date it is to be administered.  Please proof-read it carefully to avoid ambiguity and be sure to give clear instructions.

The exam should have a cover sheet containing your name, course name and section (if applicable), the length of the exam (such as Part 1 – Scantron; Part 2 – Essay, etc.) and permissible supplemental materials.  Please also number each page of the exam with the last page reading, “End of Examination.”

You must either be at the law school or reachable by telephone during the hours that your exam is being administered.  If you cannot be at the school, you must notify the Registrar (see directory) and leave a number where you can be reached.