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Class Cancellations

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Cancellations by Fordham

Fordham Law School occasionally cancels class sessions due to inclement weather.  The University's Office of the Executive Vice President determines if weather conditions require cancellation of class.  Announcements are made on radio stations WFUV-90 FM, WINS-1010 AM, and WNBC-660 AM.  To find out about weather closings, you may also call telephone number 1-800-280-SNOW or 212-636-7777 for recorded messages.

Cancellations by Faculty Members

Adjunct faculty are committed to fulfilling their academic duties throughout the semester, but occasionally a professor must cancel class due to illness, an unavoidable scheduling conflict, or the like.  You may consider coordinating with another qualified instructor to guest lecture.  You also may inquire about holding a make-up class session, but please remember to canvass your students about an alternative time, so that you do not interfere with other classes or similar commitments.  In addition, if a make-up class seems feasible for you and your students, please remember to check with the Registrar to confirm that a classroom of appropriate size is available on the date and time you propose to hold the make-up session and to ensure that you do not encroach on windows during which classes are not scheduled.

If you must cancel a class on short notice, please contact the Registrar's Office using the following numbers (212-636-6803 or 7888 or 7025)  until you reach a person to inform of the cancellation so that notices can be posted on-line and via voicemail.  Recorded announcements about class cancellations may be accessed by calling telephone number 212-636-6801 and touching 2.

If you anticipate that you will miss more than one or two class sessions during the course of the semester, please contact the Associate Dean and the Registrar (see Directory) to discuss the matter.