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Registration For Courses

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As a general matter, class sizes are limited only by the professor and by room capacity.  Advanced Writing/Research and Trial Advocacy sections with a single instructor are limited to 12 students, and clinical courses may have other limitations.  Professors who supervise students preparing papers in satisfaction of the upper-class writing requirement should confine their classes to no more than 25 students.  Courses with a paper option similarly should be restricted so that no more than 25 students elect that option.

Class Roster

To obtain a class roster, please log into FacNet and print your list of students.  You may also request a printed copy from the Manager of Academic Support (see Directory).

Oversubscribed Classes

There is NO Wait-List for all upper level electives, with the exception of Drafting/Research (Advanced Writing Courses), Trial Advocacy, & Introduction to the Deal Courses.  After a specified date, students are responsible for checking the status of courses and registering themselves for any available seats.  If a course is closed, the courses will reopen for registration on My Fordham as seats become available.  Once the open seats are filled, the course will close again, unless additional seats open up. Waitlist selection based on seniority

Closed Drafting/Research, Intro to the Deal & Trial Advocacy Courses

If a Drafting, Research, Introduction to the Deal, or Trial Advocacy course becomes closed, students may place their name on a wait list.  Wait lists can be accessed from the Registrar’s web page.  The wait lists are managed only by the Registrar’s Office and any other list such as one kept by the professor will not be honored. Students are not to approach a professor to attempt to get into a wait-listed class.  The faculty cannot override the wait list process. Selection from a wait list will be based on class seniority, but within each class will be done randomly, NOT on a “first come, first serve” basis.  The selection process will be ongoing until two weeks prior to the start of a semester. As spots become available, the Registrar’s office will notify students by Fordham email only if they have been selected for a seat.  Once the wait-list has been terminated, as seats become available in closed Drafting, Research, Introduction to the Deal & Trial Advocacy courses, the courses will reopen for student registration on My Fordham as they normally do for all other courses. 

Selection from a wait list is by class seniority, meaning that preference is given to students in the following hierarchy for Day courses:  L.L.M. students, 3-D and 4-E students, 2-D students, 3-E students, and 2-E students; and the following hierarchy for Evening courses:  L.L.M. students, 4-E students, 3-D students, 3-E students, 2-E students, and 2-D students.  Within each class, selection from wait list is done randomly, rather than on a "first come, first served" basis.  If there are more students in the senior class than open places in the course, a random selection of students is made by computer.  If there are additional open places in the course after the highest class seniority is considered, then students in the next class priority are considered.

Students are permitted to add and drop classes until the end of the first week of the semester. 

Requests to Audit Classes

From time to time, you may receive a request from a student on behalf of a friend or from a colleague to audit your class.  Assuming that there is adequate classroom space, you may exercise your discretion to accommodate a request to attend a particular lecture.  Requests to audit an entire (or substantially all of a) semester should be referred to the Registrar.  Under no circumstances should a student enrolled in your class be displaced by an auditor.