Rep. Charlie Rangel Trial Reaction

Annemarie McAvoy on My Fox Newa, November 16, 2010

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MYFOXNY.COM - After walking out of his ethics trial on Monday where he stands accused of violating 13 financial rules as a congressman, Charlie Rangel may have helped his case.

Former federal prosecutor and Fordham University law professor AnneMarie Macavoy spoke with Good Day New York on Tuesday about Rangel's 'woe is me' approach.

"He basically made it a day hearing (cut down media attention and forced panel to move quickly to the deliberations.) Now he can say 'woe is me.' I don't have a lawyer," said Macavoy.

Rangel said on Monday that he did not have enough time to hire a lawyer. Also, he added that he had no idea what the case details are built against him over two years because the information was only given to him last week.