Take It On: The Oil Spill And Obama's Presidency

Annemarie McAvoy on My 9 News, July 15, 2010

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My9 News is taking on the oil spill and the impact it can have on Obama's Presidency.
It's day 59 of the gulf oil spill crisis.
While BP's CEO headed to Capitol Hill for a grilling from Congress the oil continued spewing from the busted well.
BP is now siphoning off some of the oil.
But tens of thousands of barrels are pouring out into the waters of the Gulf every day.
And back on Capitol Hill Congress was looking for answers.

In fact, some politcal analysts say things are so bad for the President right now that this oil crisis may be his undoing.
Much like the Iranian hostage crisis was the downfall of the Jimmy Carter Presidency?

The drawn-out Iranian hostage crisis is blamed for destroying Carter's chances for getting re-elected.
In 1978, 52 Americans were held hostage by Iranian students and militants who took over the American Embassy in Tehran.
The siege lasted for 444 days.
It didn't end until President Ronald Reagan took office.