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Annemarie McAvoy
Adjunct Professor of Law

Fordham University School of Law
140 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023

Media Appearances

April 16, 2013 Experts: Bombers wanted notoriety, maximum damage
USA Today
October 03, 2012 AG’s Bear Stearns RMBS fraud case not necessarily a bondholder windfall
August 16, 2012 Standard Chartered Fine Spotlights New Regulator on the Block
August 15, 2012 Find 'backbone' to punish Standard Chartered, US senator tells regulator
The Guardian
August 14, 2012 Global Banks Rethink NY Bases After Standard Chartered Probe
August 11, 2012 Standard Chartered's Peter Sands takes the fight to Wall Street
The Daily Telegraph
August 07, 2012 Video: Standard Chartered Stock Dives
August 07, 2012 Aiding the Enemy? Dirty Money Charges Banks' Latest Black Eye
Fox Business
July 16, 2012 Goldman settles with SEC for $550 million
June 14, 2012 Colorado Woman Kills Family of 5: Were Seizures to Blame?
Good Morning America
June 07, 2012 Nasdaq to Pay $40 Million in Compensation for Facebook IPO Debacle
International Business Times
June 06, 2012 Nasdaq Facebook settlement backlash
May 29, 2012 Etan Patz case: Will self-admitted killer's prayer group confession hold up?
The Christian Science Monitor
May 22, 2012 Dharun Ravi's sentence a surprise to legal experts, though appeal could come
The Star-Ledger
May 16, 2012 Florida Shooting and John Edwards Trial
April 27, 2012 Anti-terror law targets Arab names in shutting bank accounts
North Jersey
April 25, 2012 Immigration Law
April 21, 2012 Handyman denies involvement in NY missing-boy case
Yahoo! News
April 20, 2012 Etan Patz Case Launched Era Of Putting Missing Children On Milk Cartons
Huffington Post
April 12, 2012 Zimmerman Murder Charges
March 29, 2012 Was the Rutgers Bully Scapegoated?
Gay City News
March 22, 2012 BC football player faces charge
The Boston Globe
March 19, 2012 Mets’ Owners Agree to Settle Madoff Suit for $162 Million
The New York Times
March 18, 2012 Rutgers student lost his dice roll
The Philadephia Inquirer
March 17, 2012 NJ webcam case a lesson in unintended consequence
Atlanta News
March 16, 2012 Ravi found guilty of majority of Rutgers spying charges
USA Today
March 07, 2012 Wealth Could Be Risky Issue for Mets Owners Should They Face a Jury
The New York Times
March 07, 2012 Wealth Could Be Risky Issue for Mets Owners Should They Face a Jury
The New York Times
November 18, 2011 Police: Robert Wagner not a suspect in new probe of Natalie Wood's death
November 18, 2011 Natalie Wood Case: What's the Yacht Captain's Motive?
August 23, 2011 Strauss-Kahn Case: Why Prosecutors Want to Drop All Charges
The Christian Science Monitor
July 13, 2011 Early Stages Of Terrorism Probes Remain Controversial
OPB News
July 12, 2011 Major Terrorist Snuck into U.S. - by Obama Administration
Family Sercuity Matters
June 08, 2011 Protect Yourselves, Ladies, There are Lots of Weiners Out There!
May 17, 2011 The Case of the Frisky Frenchman is not so Clear Cut After All
Family Secuirty Matters
May 16, 2011 Legal Case Against IMF Chief Strauss-Kahn
May 05, 2011 Take It On: Bin Laden Photo Not Released
May 05, 2011 Even in Victory, this Administration Makes Errors
Family Security Matters
May 04, 2011 The Careerist: It's a Wrap
The AM Law Daily
April 08, 2011 Take It On: Barry Bonds Trial
My 9 News
April 06, 2011 Did Holder Make the Right Choice? Live
April 05, 2011 Military Trial vs. Civilian Court For Accused Terrorists
Good Day New York
April 05, 2011 Holder Makes the Right Decision On Gitmo and 9/11 Detainees But Does It Kicking and Screaming
February 03, 2011 The Power Panel Talks Egypt
NBC New York
January 12, 2011 Arizona Shootings Elicit The Best, And The Worst, Of People
Family Security Matters
November 16, 2010 Rep. Charlie Rangel Trial Reaction
My Fox Newa
November 15, 2010 Take It On: Privacy From Video Cameras
My 9 News
November 10, 2010 Goldman Sachs’s Harfouche Departs From European Equities Post
Bloomberg Business Week
October 12, 2010 Statements likely in Guantanamo detainee's trial
AP News
October 12, 2010 Statements Likely in Gitmo Detainee's Civilian Trial
Fox News
October 06, 2010 ABC, CBS, MBC All Skip the Word 'Obama' or Any Evaluation of His Team in Shahzad Sentencing News
Newsbusters (blog)
August 18, 2010 Angel Alvarez Charged After Police Shootout
Fox 5
August 16, 2010 Take it On: Vacation Time
MY 9 News
August 06, 2010 FBI Sources: New Al Qaeda Global Commander Lived In Brooklyn, Annemarie McAvoy
CBS New York
August 02, 2010 Michael Wildes on Fox News : Immigration Reforms
Fox News
July 28, 2010 Goldman Sachs still under a microscope
The Economic Times
July 16, 2010 Goldman Settlement Cheers Some Analysts, Propels Company Shares Higher
IDD Magazine
July 16, 2010 Goldman Settlement Cheers Some Analysts, Propels Company Shares Higher
IDD MAgazine
July 16, 2010 Penalty could have been much worse
Financial Times
July 16, 2010 Other Banks Could Pay Over Similar Housing Bets
The Wall Street Journal
July 15, 2010 Take It On: The Oil Spill And Obama's Presidency
My 9 News
July 15, 2010 Take it On : The Oil Spill and Obama's Presidency
My 9 News
July 15, 2010 Goldman to pay $550M in fraud case
Toronto Sun
July 15, 2010 Goldman to pay $550M in fraud case
July 12, 2010 Switzerland Won’t Extradite Polanski Over 1977 Case
Bloomberg Businessweek
June 28, 2010 Police Release Audio of Al Gore Accuser
My Fox New York
June 28, 2010 Police Release Audio of Al Gore Accuser
Fox News
June 22, 2010 Gil Gross June 22, 2010 Hour #1
KGO Newstalk AM 810
June 22, 2010 Giving peace advice to terrorist can be illegal
San Francisco Chronicle
June 22, 2010 Judge's Nixing Of Deepwater Ban Draws Praise, Boos
June 18, 2010 Grand Jury Indicts Faisal Shahzad in Times Square Bomb Plot
My Fox New York
June 10, 2010 Analysis: SEC presses Goldman to "cry uncle"
May 12, 2010 Morgan Stanley Derivative Dilemma
May 10, 2010 Times Square bomb suspect still no-show in court
May 05, 2010 Mayor, NYPD Demand Big Expansion To NYC Security
April 27, 2010 Les menaces qui pèsent sur Goldman Sachs restent floues
Les Echos (France)
April 27, 2010 Goldman Sachs Executives Grilled in Senate Hearing
April 22, 2010 Goldman Sachs Smokescreen
April 22, 2010 Harmless Prank or Serious Crime?
Fox News
April 19, 2010 What Is Goldman Sachs Accused Of Doing?
Good Day NY
January 29, 2010 Civilian Terror Trials--Will the White House Heed the Message?
November 23, 2009 A Platform for Terrorists
Fox News
November 18, 2009 What Could Holder Possibly Be Thinking?
Fox News
November 14, 2009 Fort Hood: If Nidal Malik Hasan talks, will he live?
The Christian Science Monitor