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Fordham Law is one of the top 20 law schools measured in terms of Class of 2012 initial employment with Big Law (firms with 101+ attorneys) and federal clerkships reported to the ABA. 

In the 2012–2013 academic year, 12 graduates received one of the following prestigious public interest fellowships:

  • Equal Justice Works Fellowship
  • Presidential Management Fellowship
  • NYS Excelsior Service Fellowship Program

According to the National Law Journal, Fordham Law ranks 19th in terms of the percentage of the class of 2012 hired by the NLJ 250 law firms. The NLJ also reported that Fordham Law ranks 14th in terms of the most alumni promoted to partner in 2012.

Methodology: Class of 2012 data from the 2013 ABA Employment Summary, retrieved from, June 2013.

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