Fordham Law is one of only six schools with more than one top 20 program in each of the three broad categories of legal education. 

Methodology: Program rankings as measured by “Faculty Quality in Specialty Areas,” retrieved from; and U.S. News & World Report “Complete Guide to Law Schools” 2011 edition, retrieved from, May 2010. Area categorization done by Fordham Law School. “Craft of Lawyering” includes Clinical Training (U.S. News), Dispute Resolution (U.S. News), Legal Writing (U.S. News), and Trial Advocacy (U.S. News). “Critical Substantive Areas” includes Environmental Law (U.S. News), Healthcare Law (U.S. News), Tax Law (U.S. News), Intellectual Property (U.S. News), Administrative and Environmental Law (Leiter), Business Law (Leiter), Civil Procedure (Leiter), Constitutional Law (Leiter), Criminal Law (Leiter), and International & Comparative Law (Leiter). “Theory” includes: Critical Theories (Leiter), Law &  Economics (Leiter), Law & Philosophy (Leiter), Law & the Social Sciences (Leiter), and Legal History (Leiter).

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