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Adding a Faculty Activity Details Sub Page

  1. Click on the “Activities” subpage of a professor. (If the “Activities” subpage of a professor does not exist, please contact for initial set-up.)
  2. Click “Open Foundation.”
  3. Click “Add an Activity.”
  4. Enter title of activity. Click “Ok.”
  5. The page you just created will appear on the left-hand menu of the “Activities” subpage. Click on the newly-created page.
  6. Click "Open Foundation" (of the new page.)
  7. Click “Show in LeftNav.” Change “Yes” to “No.” Click “Ok.”
  8. Edit/add contents to the page.
    1. Professor’s name (required)
    2. Date of activity (required)
    3. End date of activity (optional)
    4. Activity type (required)
    5. Details (optional)
    6. URL (optional)
  9. Click on “Categories & Keywords.”
  10. Click “Add.”
  11. Select “Faculty Activities” from the category drop down menu.
  12. Select professor’s name from the list. 
  13. Click “Ok” twice.
  14. The faculty activity subpage you just created automatically appears on the “Activities” listing page of the professor.
  15. Release the page from draft to the workflow, then release the page from the workflow to publishing. The page that you just added will be published automatically. It may take a few minutes or up to an hour depending on the current publishing load of the system.