Fordham Law

Fordham Law Signs Exchange Agreement with Leading Law School in Asia

August 22, 2013

Fordham Law Dean Michael M. Martin has signed an agreement with the National Taiwan University College of Law that will establish a student exchange program between the two schools. 

Through the program, students from Fordham Law will have the opportunity to participate in English-language law classes at NTU, one of the most prestigious universities in East Asia. In turn, NTU students will participate in classes at Fordham Law and will have the option of applying credits earned in those classes toward a Fordham Law LL.M. degree. The exchange agreement will allow each school to send either one student for the entire academic year or two students for a semester each.

“This partnership is a boon to Fordham Law’s already robust international offerings,” said Toni Jaeger-Fine, Assistant Dean of International and Non-J.D. Programs. “We are excited to begin this cooperative program with our friends at the National Taiwan University College of Law and look forward to sharing our resources and enhancing our students’ understanding of the law in such an important part of the world.”

The agreement has been reached thanks in part to Fordham Law Professor Frank Chiang, who facilitated the relationship with the Dean of the NTU College of Law, Ming-Yan Shieh. Shieh was a Visiting Scholar at Fordham Law in the Visiting Scholars and Researchers Program in the spring of 2010.