Content Management System

Connecting FAQs

Each FAQ page has a section called “Related FAQs.”  To connect an FAQ (1) to another FAQ (2,) follow the instructions below.
  1. Navigate to the FAQ page (1) you want to connect to another FAQ page (2.)
  2. Click “Open Foundation.”
  3. Keyword the FAQ page (1.)  Select the appropriate keyword.

    Category = FAQs
    Keyword = IT FAQs | Related | Connect to Page ID n

    Where n is the page ID number of the FAQ page (2) you want to connect to.
  4. Navigate to the FAQs Home Page (ID 18653.)
  5. Click “Open Foundation.”
  6. Click “Actions.”
  7. Click “Publish Page.”
  8. Check “Publish all following pages.”
  9. Click “Ok.”