Content Management System

Adding an F A Q

  1. Navigate to IT > Support > FAQs (ID 18653,) then select the FAQ category, e.g. Email, Help Desk, etc.
  2. Click “Open Foundation.”
  3. Click “Add an FAQ.”
  4. Click “Create and Connect Page.”
  5. Write down the Page ID number.
  6. Enter the question of the FAQ page. 
  7. Click “Ok.”
  8. Search and navigate to the FAQ page that you just created using the page ID you wrote down in Step 5.
  9. Enter contents on the page. 
  10. Keyword the FAQ page.  For example, if the FAQ is under the “Email” category, keyword the page as follows:

    Category = FAQs
    Keyword = IT FAQs | Category | Email
  11. Click “Actions.”
  12. Click “Submit to Workflow.”
  13. Click “Actions.”
  14. Click “Release Page.”   (Repeat steps 10 and 11 if you are an IT Approver.)
  15. Navigate to the FAQs Home Page (ID 18653.)
  16. Click “Open Foundation.”
  17. Click “Actions.”
  18. Click “Publish Page.”
  19. Check “Publish all following pages.”
  20. Click “Ok.”