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Spring 2014 Issue

The law is neither studied nor practiced in a vacuum. Legal work is not performed in isolation. To solve complicated contemporary problems, legal scholars and professionals must integrate the principles and methodologies of various disciplines across the societal and academic spectrums. In this issue of Fordham Lawyer magazine, the importance of interdisciplinary research and study is made clear. From Professor Deborah Denno's nationally recognized scholarship to Professor Kimani Paul-Emile's strikingly original research, from the beautifully complex field of art law to the critical work of lawyers at Guantanamo, the Fordham Law community is eager to cross borders and disciplines.


The Power to Change
Professor Deborah W. Denno's interdisciplinary approach to criminal law yields groundbreaking results. Read the feature.




No Man's Land
Professors Martha Rayner and James A. Cohen represent clients indefinitely detained at Guantanamo Bay. Read the feature.




Presumption of Guilt
Professor Kimani Paul-Emile studies the problematic use of criminal records by employers. Read the feature.

Professor Linda Sugin on "Payroll Taxes, Mythology, and Fairness." Read the excerpt. Professors Sheila Foster, Martin Gelter, Tanya Hernandez, Clare Huntington, and Sonia Katyal discuss comparative law. Read the Q&A. Fordam Law alumni and students appraise the value of art law. Read the feature.